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HOAs & Painting Your House


(Omaha, NEBRASKA )  —  The advantage. Homeowner’s Associations place rules on homeowners with the intention of protecting property values and maintaining aesthetic consistency. The disadvantage. HOA restrictions impose the will of the bureaucracy upon a homeowner, setting standards including the color you’re allowed to paint your home.image-small-covenants-and-hoas-omaha-painting-company

If you live in Omaha, and have an active homeowner’s association, from our experience as a long-time Omaha painting company, you’ll want to check your neighborhood covenants and by-laws before you hire a painter for exterior work. Some HOAs require prior approval of the paint you choose, while others want you to hire an HOA-approved painting company.  If you desire a different color, like a pumpkin orange shade, you may have to go through the approved channels, submit paint swatches and so on. Most HOAs typically require you to paint your home a  neutral shade.

Worst case scenario. If you ignore the HOA approval process in an active neighborhood, and a neighbor complains, then the HOA can force you to comply, place a lien on your property, fine you, and take you to court.

Thankfully, most HOAs don’t care about what color you paint indoors. Many appear to be reasonable if you want a different exterior color. From our experience, if you’re getting ready to hire a painter for exterior work, we recommend you read your covenants to learn what is, and what is not acceptable color-wise. Then call us. Wyman Painting has dealt with HOAs for 25+ years in Omaha.

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