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Affordable Omaha House Painters


If your home needs an affordable make-over, either to repair unsightly nail holes or scuff on the walls and baseboards, contact Wyman Painting of Omaha, Neb. Your living space shall be transformed from dull to fantastic. A fresh coat of paint does wonders!

Since 1989, Chris Wyman has worked the residential / commercial painting beat, and remains a seasoned, extraordinarily-skilled Omaha painter professional. Along with his adult son he apprenticed, Chris & Brandon have earned the reputation for affordable Omaha metro house painting, done with precision and professionalism.

As the Wyman Painting slogan goes, “they’ll arrive with a smile. You’ll grin at their workmanship!”

Call Chris Wyman Now! 402-319-3956 for a no-cost estimate.

Longevity and skill. Wyman Painting™, humbly boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for producing top quality, affordable painting services in the Omaha metro since 1989, including serving homeowners and commercial business in Elkhorn, Bennington, Bellevue Neb., and Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Sell Omaha Home Get Fresh Paint Throughout


(Omaha, Nebraska) —  Realtors will tell you & painters will vouch, you’ll get the most bang for your buck, by hiring an Omaha painter company to freshen up your walls & baseboards before listing your home for sale, especially in today’s sellers market. Call Wyman Painting in Omaha, Neb for a complimentary quote. Father and son affordable Omaha painters. CALL: 402-312-5586




Repaint to Rejuvenate Ole Tired Walls




Repaint: Lift Mood & Boost Investment


November 2, 2017
By Susan Stern –  (OMAHA, Nebraska)

Impress family, friends and YOU for the upcoming holidays. Schedule today interior house painting work in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Bellevue metro. There is no better time than now to get ‘ur done as we enter the winter months in Nebraska. As the sunlight wanes, simple changes to the inside of our homes can make our moods brighter while boosting your home’s appeal and perhaps its value.

Consider the transformation. Scuffed up, nail-pocked walls look bad, but great news, worn walls can be repaired and repainted! Unsightly chipped baseboards can be revitalized with sanding and fresh coats of color. Not only will your home appear better to guests and your family, sprucing up old tired walls is smart investment-wise.

So get moving. Contact Wyman Painting in Omaha today for residential home painting, baseboard sanding and replacement.

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Try It ! Color Snap Visualizer – Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Use Digital Tool – See How Room Will Look

While you await a free estimate, pick your colors! Oh the fun tools we can use nowadays! Instead of buying a small can of paint, simply upload your photo of a well-lighted room you want repainted. Sherwin-Williams, our preferred painting supplier, offers a digital tool, we recommend you try.

Here is where to go to use the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap Visualizer for your desktop.

For your smart phone, you would need to download the app.  Android and iphone. It’s free.  Pick and choose different shades to see what looks best with your decor.  Choose your match, and let Wyman Painting know.  Before you make a decision, keep some timely pocketbook info in mind.

Two Studies: Home Value & Hues to Use

Sherman Williams blue-bedroom-omaha-painters

This year’s favorite colors for wall paint are blue, black and dark grey, plus vibrant hues, according to a recent survey. During a June 2017 broadcast, CBS News cited a separate survey by an online real estate database company that analyzed 32,000 photos from sold homes across the USA.

Zillow suggests that certain hues bring more bang for the buck compared to all white interiors/exteriors. Specifically, a dash of blue in your dining room, bedroom and bathroom may bump up the average sales price of your home.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are colors that may devalue. Certain colors can turn off prospective buyers, reports Zillow’s 2017 analysis:

  • Blue living room
  • Yellow kitchen
  • Red dining room
  • White bathroom
  • Medium brown or taupe exterior

Interior house Painting Omaha Pro!


Chris Wyman, Owner, Wyman Painting Omaha 402-319-3956

Whatever color you choose, Wyman Painting is here to help make the process easy. Contact Chris Wyman now for interior house painting work in the Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Bellevue metro. Since the mid-80s, Chris Wyman has climbed many ladders and honed his craft to become great – one of the best painters in Nebraska. Together with his son Brandon, the team arrives with a smile. You’ll surely grin at their workmanship.

Boost your spirits. Show off the new look to family and friends. Protect your investment. Attract home buyers and get more for your dollar. Whatever the reason, it’s smart to update.

Repaint the walls of your home today. Take advantage of the Nov/Dec 2017 Coupon for Omaha painting work. Print/Present

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Interior Paint Color Trends 2017 – Most Prefer Blue


Most Popular Home Paint Color Is Blue

SW blue-bedroom-omaha-painters

Sherman Williams


Susan Stern Communications

By Susan Stern 
Originally published Sept. 30, 2017
Updated Oct. 23, 2017

2017/2018 Interior Home Paint Trends

(Wyman Painting – OMAHA, Nebraska)  —  When thinking about what colors to paint the interior of your Omaha home before the family visits for Thanksgiving, consider blue! The majority of Americans, 62 percent, consider blue their favorite color, according to a 2017 online Harris Poll survey commissioned by Sherman Williams, Wyman Painting of Omaha’s preferred paint brand.

Sherman Williams Fox Black Paint hallway home painters omaha

Sherman Williams – Fox Black

“In the case of blue, it’s often subconsciously linked to trust, dependability, and competence and can also be associated with rest and provide a cooling sensation – making it a great choice for a bedroom or office,” said Dr. Augustin.

Blue, Black, Red & Vibrant Hues- In Vogue

Black bold paint is the second favorite color (32 percent), capable of turning contractor-white doors into wow. Choose semi or high-gloss in areas with a lot of natural light. Matte black hues give off an earthy air. Black on moldings and trim work wonderfully, too.

Red packs potential, and survey respondents chose red as their third favorite color (31 percent).

Red evokes celebration, energy, and love. Most Americans (58 percent) surveyed prefer a mix of vibrant colors sprinkled throughout the home, rather than neutrals.

Sherman Williams Red family room with furniture

Sherman Williams Red Trend

Consumer Preferences – Styles and Fads

The report also analyzed geo-tagged social media data of over 12,000 Americans to understand people’s behaviors, attitudes and consumer decisions. The findings are interesting.

  • 42 percent of Americans associate yellow with happiness
  • 35 percent of men associate yellow with weakness to 17 percent of women
  • 58 percent of Americans plan interior painting in the next 12 months
  • 44 percent intend to paint the bedroom
  • 39 percent plan to paint bathrooms

Omaha painting contractors Wyman father and son will help you choose the right color for the rooms of your home! There’s no better time than now to paint the bedroom and bathroom, too. Schedule a free estimate today, before the holidays.

smiling omaha painters removing gear from truck

Omaha Painters Chris & Brandon Wyman

In business for 25+ years, Wyman Painting specializes in Residential interior painting in Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Gretna and Elkhorn, Nebraska in both Douglas and Sarpy Counties. Our painting company also serves Council Bluffs, Crescent and nearby homes in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. 

Serving the entire metro!

Request an estimate. Send an online note.

Wyman Painting – Father and son team. We arrive with a smile. You’ll grin at our workmanship.

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Father and Son Team – Focused. Thorough. Friendly.

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Huntington Park Fresh Coat of Paint Job


(Omaha, NE) —  There’s something to be said about repeat customers: high-quality work at the right price translates to happy clients who come back, time and again. Wyman Painting, in business since 1985, often gets project requests from long-time customers.

A homeowner living in the Huntington Park subdivision, located in northwest Omaha, called on owner Chris and son Brandon of Wyman Painting this summer to replace the baseboards in the dining and living room. Plus, the pair were called on to spruce up two rooms with fresh coats of paint.

We brought along our camera to share what fantastic work this Omaha painting company does.  The father and son painting team completed an interior paint job,  and cut and installed new baseboards. Exterior painting at this lovely home, done by the crew a couple years back, continues to look great:

Chris and Brandon Wyman Painters Omaha

Exterior Painting Omaha – Sample – Wyman – Huntington Park

Interior Painting – Huntington Park Omaha

Interior Painting Omaha – Wyman – Huntington Park

Work truck – Wyman – Painters Omaha, Nebraska

Cutting New Baseboards

Brandon Wyman Securing Baseboards


Besides this homeowner, Wyman Painting’s strong workmanship has resulted in a customer base of homeowners, realtors, brokers and commercial property management companies seeking interior/exterior residential and commercial painting work in the Omaha, Bellevue and Council Bluffs metro. Wyman Painting maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating 

“If you’ve heard of me, you know you can trust our work. We arrive on-time and we strive to finish each and every job right,” said owner Chris Wyman.

Call Chris direct for a free quote.

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Wyman Painting of Omaha, Nebraska specializes in Residential/Commercial Painting services, light drywall repair, power washing and staining of fences, decks and more. 

Bright Ideas


(Omaha, NEBRASKA)  —  Got a bright idea? Call Wyman Painting Omaha. Father and Son team!

We’ll fix what didn’t go right the first time. 🙂

Call now 402-319-3956. Serving Omaha Metro Since 1985.

A+ BBB rated. As our slogan goes, “We arrive with a smile. You’ll grin at our workmanship. Wyman Painting!”

Residential and Commercial painting services in the Omaha, Bellevue, Council Bluffs metro areas.





Exterior Painting Adds Value To Home


RePaint Exterior of Home = Wise

(Omaha, NEBRASKA)  — A home is a big investment. Like any investment, you should take strategic steps to protect it. Keeping your home looking its absolute best is one way to make certain your investment holds and potentially increases its value- everybody’s hope, right? While exterior painting improves curb appeal, there are additional reasons why homeowners may want to consider repainting a house.

But first, how often should a home be repainted?

“Proper surface preparation, followed by applying high quality paint to the outside of your home should typically be done every five to seven years seems to be the best bet, than having to replace weather-damaged wood siding that a fresh coat of paint may have saved. We found that the biggest mistake homeowners make when it comes to painting their homes is putting it off for too long, which tends to keep a handyman busy replacing wood siding,” notes Chris Wyman, owner of Wyman Painting in Omaha, in business for 26+ years.”

Advantages Aplenty

Curb appeal indeed. Exterior painting enhances the look of your home, in addition to protecting the siding. Some say that you should consider how long you plan to stay in your home – to determine the quality of the paint you choose. Not so. We recommend using only high quality paint product no matter how long you invent to live there. It’s best to leave it up to the professionals. Wyman Painting uses one of the highest quality painting products on the market.

Exterior Paint For Weather Woes

Old Man Winter takes a beating on our Nebraska and Iowa homes, no doubt.  Add in Mother Nature’s wind, hail and the hot sun, and it makes sense that the weather takes a toll on the exterior paint of your home. A good quality paint job can help protect the home siding from the elements.

Fresh Paint Attractive to Home Buyers

Any realtor will tell you. When you are ready to put your home on the market, of course, a fresh coat of paint attracts potential buyers. Apples to apples. If you home remains well-maintained, including sporting a new paint job, prospective buyers will find your house more desirable than a home without.

Done professionally by a reputable Omaha metro painting company that uses high quality product – the exterior paint should add value to your home, and your pocketbook.

Call Wyman Painting, father and son team, for residential exterior painting in Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, and Council Bluffs, Iowa metro areas.

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Interior Gray Paint Remains Top Color


Ready to put your home on the market? Wonder if your living room and bedrooms are outdated during your grey paint job in 2015. No worries. Grey remains cool and the top choice in 2017.

Omaha Painters Wyman Wish You Happy New Year 2017


(Omaha, Nebraska)  —  Wyman Painting, and Omaha residential/commercial painting company, in business since 1989, wishes you a Happy New Year 2017. With the new year, often comes a list of resolutions and wish lists to maintain the look and value of your home and business property. We here at Wyman Painting handle residential/commercial painting services, light drywall repairs, and power washing/staining of decks, fences and siding. Give us a call 402-319-3956.

We are very affordable Omaha painters, a father and son team. We are prompt for each job we take on, and handle each painting project with care & precision, earning an A+ BBB rating. That’s assurance we will do an extraordinary great job.

As our slogan goes, we arrive with a smile. You’ll grin at our workmanship. 

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Meet Our Crew. Son Brandon and Dad Chris Wyman! 

Winter Exterior Painting – No | Interior Painting – A Go!


It’s a fact. Omaha, Nebraska winters get too cold outdoors for exterior painting services, no doubt. Temperatures dip well below the point where paint would adhere to surfaces outside. Bottom line, schedule exterior painting of your home in the spring, summer or fall.

Indoors, however, is another story. Winter-time is often a homeowner’s preferred period to spruce up interior living spaces with a fresh coat of paint.

We here at Wyman Painting, your Omaha residential painting pro, is here to help make your home look great from the inside and out. Since 1989, we have specialized in perfecting our painting skills to the point where we’ve earned an A+ BBB! 

Contact Wyman Painting in Omaha now for a free estimate.

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