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acThe look of your deck says a lot about you! A grimy, discolored deck space is not visually-appealing and lack of care effects home resale value. Here at Wyman Painting™, we specialize in restoring your outdoor living spaces by offering Omaha power washing services, followed by affordable Omaha deck staining. Don’t you love to spend time on your deck? Wouldn’t you love it even more if your deck was clean, and beautiful stained? Time takes a toll on your wood surfaces. The good news is that we can easily give your deck a new look just by power washing the surface and then giving it a beautiful new coat of stain. You won’t want to leave your deck because our deck staining Omaha services cannot be beat! We have years of professional experience in deck cleaning and staining, and we can’t wait to help you make your deck like new.

“A few Omaha hail storms battered my fence.  Wyman Painting power washed and stained my fence 100% better than I could do myself! Now my newly stained fence looks nicer than most in my neighborhood and has a lot of curb appeal. The price was right and I didn’t have to do-it-myself! Thanks Chris & Brandon!”
– Susan K. Omaha

Why Deck Staining in Omaha, NE can preserve the life of your deck.

If you have an outdoor deck on your home, you want to do all you can to make sure that it looks great. You also want to make sure that your deck is in good condition, as it is a valuable part of your home. Having a fresh-looking, healthy deck will add significant value to your home. Giving your deck a fresh coat of stain will dramatically improve the overall health and quality of the space. Wyman Painting specializes in deck staining services to help preserve the life of your deck.

If the wood on your deck is left unprotected, it is prone to develop a variety of issues. A deck that is not protected from moisture could begin to rot. This is a hazard for anyone that uses your deck, as rot often renders the wood unstable. In addition, if the deck is allowed to absorb too mush moisture, mold or mildew could form. Unstained decks are also susceptible to warping. Having a fresh coat of stain applied to your deck will keep it protected from these hazards and will also greatly improve the look. The professionals at Wyman Painting for a thorough job; we are your number one choice for deck staining Omaha NE.

Omaha deck staining steps to a great looking deck.

In addition to protecting your deck from the elements and keeping it stable, staining your deck is sure to make a positive difference in the curb appeal of your house. With a freshly stained deck, your house will be the envy of the entire neighborhood!

The first step in attaining a great looking deck is to make sure that it is properly [prepared for the stain. The deck should be power washed to remove dirt and grime and sanded lightly for an even texture. Then, once the deck is dry, the staining process can begin. Sometimes it is necessary for stain stripper and brightener to be used prior to the first coats of stain. These steps ensure that the deck is properly prepared. Water based or oil based stain is applied, and the deck looks bright and fresh! Contact Wyman Painting for a professional deck staining today.

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