Interior Gray Paint Remains Top Color

(Omaha, NEBRASKA) — Paint colors go in and out of favor in the real estate market and design world. If you are a fan of grey hues. Get this. Grey remains popular and acceptable in 2017, according to the Paint Quality Institute.

The same organization noted that designers “expect that gray, in its many variations, will once again be the #1 color choice for all types of interiors…in homes, elegant office settings, and just about everywhere else.”

What makes grey such a popular interior paint option is that the color is not so stark. Instead grey is  versatile, with hints of blue, yellow or green, and other hues, too.

Why Grey is Great

Practicality is why grey interior paint is preferred in 2017 compared to other colors on the spectrum. Designers and DIY homeowners love grey paint because it works fantastically with complimentary colors. Grey fits well with furniture of all varieties and stains. Before you hire your favorite Omaha painting company like Wyman Painting, make sure you choose a grey with a hint of the colors that coordinate your room’s fabrics and furniture. So if the grey you love has a touch of blue, red or green it, look around and examine if the color scheme matches the hue hints that match your interior surroundings.

Not All Grey Paint Same

Choose a quality paint product, and avoid low-end, cheap paint. Yes, as the old saying goes Рyou get what you pay for.  Our Omaha, Nebraska painting company in business for 26+ years, tends to choose Sherman Williams brand paint, for its high quality, although we are not formally endorsing them.

“We simply like the paint, how it adheres and lasts,” notes owner Chris Wyman.


Ready to put your home on the market? Wonder if your living room is way outdated during your grey paint job in 2015? No worries. Grey remains cool and the top choice in 2017.