Repaint to Rejuvenate Ole Tired Walls



Repaint: Lift Mood & Boost Investment


November 2, 2017
By Susan Stern –  (OMAHA, Nebraska)

Impress family, friends and YOU for the upcoming holidays. Schedule today interior house painting work in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Bellevue metro. There is no better time than now to get ‘ur done as we enter the winter months in Nebraska. As the sunlight wanes, simple changes to the inside of our homes can make our moods brighter while boosting your home’s appeal and perhaps its value.

Consider the transformation. Scuffed up, nail-pocked walls look bad, but great news, worn walls can be repaired and repainted! Unsightly chipped baseboards can be revitalized with sanding and fresh coats of color. Not only will your home appear better to guests and your family, sprucing up old tired walls is smart investment-wise.

So get moving. Contact Wyman Painting in Omaha today for residential home painting, baseboard sanding and replacement.

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Try It ! Color Snap Visualizer – Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Use Digital Tool – See How Room Will Look

While you await a free estimate, pick your colors! Oh the fun tools we can use nowadays! Instead of buying a small can of paint, simply upload your photo of a well-lighted room you want repainted. Sherwin-Williams, our preferred painting supplier, offers a digital tool, we recommend you try.

Here is where to go to use the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap Visualizer for your desktop.

For your smart phone, you would need to download the app.  Android and iphone. It’s free.  Pick and choose different shades to see what looks best with your decor.  Choose your match, and let Wyman Painting know.  Before you make a decision, keep some timely pocketbook info in mind.

Two Studies: Home Value & Hues to Use

Sherman Williams blue-bedroom-omaha-painters

This year’s favorite colors for wall paint are blue, black and dark grey, plus vibrant hues, according to a recent survey. During a June 2017 broadcast, CBS News cited a separate survey by an online real estate database company that analyzed 32,000 photos from sold homes across the USA.

Zillow suggests that certain hues bring more bang for the buck compared to all white interiors/exteriors. Specifically, a dash of blue in your dining room, bedroom and bathroom may bump up the average sales price of your home.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are colors that may devalue. Certain colors can turn off prospective buyers, reports Zillow’s 2017 analysis:

  • Blue living room
  • Yellow kitchen
  • Red dining room
  • White bathroom
  • Medium brown or taupe exterior

Interior house Painting Omaha Pro!


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Whatever color you choose, Wyman Painting is here to help make the process easy. Contact Chris Wyman now for interior house painting work in the Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Bellevue metro. Since the mid-80s, Chris Wyman has climbed many ladders and honed his craft to become great – one of the best painters in Nebraska. Together with his son Brandon, the team arrives with a smile. You’ll surely grin at their workmanship.

Boost your spirits. Show off the new look to family and friends. Protect your investment. Attract home buyers and get more for your dollar. Whatever the reason, it’s smart to update.

Repaint the walls of your home today. Take advantage of the Nov/Dec 2017 Coupon for Omaha painting work. Print/Present

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