Is Interior Painting a Bad Idea In Winter?

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Of all times of the year, winter may be one of the best seasons for homeowners to embark on an – interior painting project.  “Here in Omaha, as long as your thermostat is set above 60 F, you’re good to go! said Chris Wyman, owner of one of Omaha’s top rated painting companies. The veteran painter also points out that turning up the heat to 65 or 70F is a good rule of thumb 24 hours before the painting job begins, taking into account that wall temperatures may be colder than the air.

Of course, if you hire a reputable painter, he or she will handle these details, and only use good quality paint while following manufacturer recommendations. 🙂

Will Paint Dry Okay In Winter?

Good news here. Latex acrylic paints tend to dry faster and adhere better during the winter months. As for winter-time humidity, it is typically moderate or lower compared to summer. Here’s how it works. The less moisture in the air, the quicker the paint dries. So yes, paint dries just fine in the winter.

Painters Schedules More Flexible

Another key reason to schedule interior painting December – February is that you’re painter may be available – sooner – during cold weather. Fact is. Fewer homeowners tend to think about home improvement projects during cold months. That means, scheduling an interior paint job in the winter gives you more flexibility in a painter’s schedule. Reminder. Once March arrives & temps rise, the residential/commercial painting industry heats up, and stays busy through October, typically.

So this brings us back to our original question. Is it okay to paint interiors in the winter? It definitely is provided the temperature of the air and walls inside your home remain consistent with the paint manufacturer’s recommendation, and humidity levels are low to moderate. If you hire a reputable painter, he or she will handle the details for you.

Wyman Painting specializes in interior painting during winter months. When you hire the Wyman team, rest assured the job gets done only in the right conditions with a handsome result!

To get a winter painting quote in Omaha Neb., call us at 402-319-3956  wyman painting omaha logo

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